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Transpersonal psychology

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Firman has worked in the theme of psychology and public for over thirty years and has managed and taught nationally and internationally. We show that the subpersonality model, one of the fundamental psychosynthesis techniques, is an effective intervention for aiding creative expression as it helps people connect to different levels of their unconscious creativity.

Psychosynthesis Coach training is designed to take people who are already in the helping professions or those moving into the field of coaching and train them in the principles of psychosynthesis and their application in the field of coaching.

Psychosynthesis coaching is done in-person, by phone, by Skype and by email exchange. It assumes that the client desires to align with their deepest Call of Self. The work of coaching may involve everything from immediate, time-delineated goals, to larger existential issues of life meaning.

The Synthesis Center - Pomeroy Ln, Amherst, Massachusetts - Rated 5 based on 13 Reviews "After meeting Didi and Jon in Sicily this year, the 5/5(13). Psychosynthesis offers an approach to human development that is both profound and hopeful.

While it acknowledges and works with the pain and suffering inherent in the human condition, it also suggests a path for empowering our human ability to create harmony, synthesis, and full expression of the Divine. The Synthesis Center, Amherst, Massachusetts. likes · 11 talking about this · 21 were here.

Training in Spiritual Counseling and Transformative Coaching.

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