An analysis of heart disease

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Stress and Heart Disease

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Heart disease prediction system has been developed using 15 attributes [4]. Earlier 13 attributes were used for prediction but this research work incorporated 2 more attributes, i.e. obesity and smoking for efficient diagnosis of heart disease. The data mining tool Weka is used for experiment.

Fingernail Analysis–What to Look For. The Thumb: Reflects what is going on in the brain, excretory system and in the reproductive organs.

Concepts of Disease and Health

Red: Brain hemorrhage, heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, stroke, carbon monoxide poisoning. Eek!

Fingernail Analysis

Are you still with us? Approximately 1% of all babies are born with some form of congenital heart defect. Many serious forms of CHD can now be surgically corrected after birth, which has led to improved survival into Atlas-Based Computational Analysis of Heart Shape and Function in Congenital Heart Disease | SpringerLink.

Stress and Heart Disease. The relationship between stress, heart disease and sudden death has been recognized since antiquity. The incidence of heart attacks and sudden death have been shown to increase significantly following the acute stress of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis and as a consequence of any severe stressor that evokes “fight or flight’ responses.

Marriage may protect against heart disease / stroke and associated risk of death

OBJECTIVES: Clinical evidence indicates newborn critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) screening through pulse oximetry is lifesaving. InCCHD was added to the US Recommended Uniform Screening Panel for newborns.

Several states have implemented or are considering screening mandates.

An analysis of heart disease
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