How do u pronounce antithesis

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public speaking final. STUDY. PLAY. "Divided there is little we can do; united there is little we cannot do" is an example of A)metaphor. B)antithesis. C)metonymy. D)All answers are correct. B. T/F Language that is appropriate for some occasions may not be appropriate for others. true. Jan 16,  · There is no right and wrong way to pronounce it, although technically you probably should pronounce it "Pe-Ay-Tee-Ay".

I personally would pronounce it "Pa-tar" But instead I use the more commonly known IDE. Dec 28,  · If you don’t know how to pronounce a certain character, there are few clues in the character itself.

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Antithesis Examples

6 words that everyone pronounces wrong. Sometimes it turns out that knowing how to use a word in a sentence and knowing how to pronounce it are two very different things. Here are several words that lots of people tend to get wrong and have no idea.

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How do u pronounce antithesis
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How do you pronounce antithesis