How does diversity and immigration impact innovation

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Diversity and Immigration

Moreover, obstacles encountered and organizational changes faced by firms drive innovation too. With respect to the composition of employment, the presence of high-skilled staff is most important.

Cultural diversity of employees has a positive partial correlation with product innovation. To conclude, on theoretical grounds, there are several ways in which immigration and cultural diversity can affect both positively and negatively the innovation system.

Given such a mixture of positive and negative effects, the overall impact of immigration on innovation should be considered in terms of empirical evidences.

How Much Does Immigration Boost Innovation?


Immigration is not undermining the American experiment; it is an integral part of it. We are a nation of immigrants. Successive waves of immigrants have kept our country demographically young, enriched our culture and added to our productive capacity as a nation, enhancing our influence in the world.

Dec 06,  · Cultural diversity can enhance creativity and innovation. The ability to innovate is now recognized as the main competitive edge and companies must seek to create more diverse teams. However, the positive impact of immigrant diversity on innovation is quantitatively modest; a one standard deviation () increase in the diversity index raises the probability that the firm is an innovator by 3 to percentage points (around the mean of 38 percent).

How does diversity and immigration impact innovation
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Why Diversity is the Mother of Creativity | Innovation Management