Mactara lumber

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MacTara Limited and the Wood Products Industry in Nova Scotia Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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MacTara jobs may be safe after deal with creditors

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Our motif for Mactara moving forward is to close operations, exploiting its competitive advantages in Different, the US and the EU. In the Campbell Forestry company (owners of forest land, pulp and paper mills in New Brunswick and Maine) decided to make an investment in the Nova Scotia forestry market.

They purchased the MacTara lumber mill in Upper Musquodoboit. Company profile, information and contact info for MacTara Limited - PO Box 26, Hwy.Upper Musquodoboit, NS from ProFile Canada, Canada's most trusted Business Database for lists and hopebayboatdays.comon: PO Box 26, Hwy.Upper Musquodoboit, B0N 2M0, NS.

MacTara Limited and the Wood Products Industry in Nova Scotia Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The fact that MacTara is a somewhat vertically integrated company – from construction lumber, to chips for paper mills, to fuel pellets made out of wood waste – makes planning very difficult because the health of each sector impacts on the prospects for the others.

A decision by creditors who are owed $23 million by the MacTara Ltd. lumber mill in Upper Musquodoboit may let it stay open under a new owner, saving 55 jobs. The fact that MacTara a few vertically integrated companies - from construction lumber to chips for paper mills, into fuel pellets made from wood waste - makes planning very difficult, because the health of each sector's impact on the prospects of others.

MacTara Limited was a Canadian producer of primary forest products based in Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia. The company currently operated the largest sawmill in the province and was established in Annual production averaged approximately million board feet (, m³) of finished, kiln dried lumber annually, as well as 85, metric tonnes of wood pellets.

Mactara lumber
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